At Posada del Fin del Mundo you’ll enjoy the following services and amenities free of charge:
  • Functional music
  • Breakfast table
  • Coffee, tea and cakes all day
  • Computer desk with WiFi
  • Bilingual staff
  • Cable TV
  • Room service
  • We speak Spanish, English, French, Italian and German.

Extra-charge services
  • Airport transfer
  • Laundry service
You’ll feel at Ushuaia like at your home.

People staying in Posada del Fin del Mundo are experienced; right after trips and adventures in the most amazing corners of the world they come to my home with the certainty they’ll find their other home.

This belief makes Posada del Fin del Mundo a place chosen by writers, artists, science people, adventurers and historians. Each of them and their particular vision of the world find in La Posada a place to get together.

A great moment in the day is when the sun comes down and we sit to enjoy a cup of coffee with homemade sweets while sharing stories and anecdotes that enrich every meeting.

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